The Crayons de Coulis

  • September 2018

APPETISER: The Heart of the Dish!

This innovation results from a fruitful encounter between a three-starred chef, Christian Le Squer, and Darégal, the world leader in culinary herbs.

Launched in the restaurant industry in 2014, this range has already become a key tool in chefs’ dishes.

The Crayon de Coulis line is composed of six colourful and delicious recipes inspired by the richness and power of tastes found in nature.

Fine aesthetics and fine cuisine form a winning combination in these aromatic herb coulis for dressing holiday dishes.




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The Crayons de Coulis have been developed to recreate the pure, natural colours of their raw materials. A palette of six colours is available to consumers:

  • Mellow yellow
  • Molten red
  • Fresh green
  • Gourmet bordeaux
  • Deep fuchsia
  • Sunny orange

These hues combine harmoniously with the dishes they adorn, providing depth, contrast and freshness.

In dressing dishes, the Crayons de Coulis bring an ultimate touch to recipes, offering guests a culinary flourish.

A star in holiday dishes, the Crayons de Coulis are an extension of hosts’ attentions to decorating their holiday tables.




• Get to know the Crayons de Coulis line:

Basil Crayon de Coulis
This intensely green coulis reveals the fresh, flowery and sunny notes of basil.
> Holiday pairings: This coulis will enhance stuffed chicken, lobster, crayfish and chanterelles, …
> Daily: This coulis will brighten pasta dishes, vegetables and fish, …

Beetroot and Ginger Crayon de Coulis
This gorgeous Bordeaux-coloured coulis brings out the sweet notes in beetroot, combined with the slightly acidic flavour of ginger.
> Holiday pairings: This coulis will enhance foie gras, game, salmon and scallops, …
Daily: This coulis will show off chicken, vegetables and cured meats,

Chilli Crayon de Coulis
This vivid red coulis presents fruity notes up front, finishing with the heat of the red jalapeño chilli pepper.
> Holiday pairings: This coulis will enhance fish tartare, beef rib and duck breast, …
Daily: This coulis will set off fish, Tex-Mex and vegetable dishes, …

Pumpkin and Sage Crayon de Coulis
This orange-yellow coulis combines the mildness of pumpkin with the warm, camphorated notes of sage.
> Holiday pairings: This coulis will accompany potatoes au gratin, stuffed capon and fish fillets, …
> Daily: This coulis will enhance poultry, veal and whitefish, …

Mango and Ginger Crayon de Coulis

This orange coulis combines the indulgence of mango and the warm, slightly acidic notes of ginger.
Holiday pairings
: This coulis will accompany ice cream logs, exotic mousses and “îles flottantes”, …
Daily: This coulis will enhance apple pie, fruit salad and ice cream, …

Basil and Raspberry Crayon de Coulis
This fuchsia coulis brings out the slightly acidic notes of raspberry, enhanced by the elegant floral notes of basil.
> Holiday pairings: This coulis will enhance chocolate Yule log, macarons and iced nougat, …
Daily: This coulis will awaken molten chocolate cake, lemon tart and panna cotta, …


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