< Bitempérature®

A patented, intermediate moisture mixture of salt, sugar and herbs. Ready to use and delivered frozen, they can be kept for 48 months at freezing and for 21 days at chilled temperatures, while retaining the ability to be sprinkled.



  • Herbs grown in the open air by our dedicated farms
  • Herbs harvested at their optimum combined with an exclusive technology to preserve maximum flavour


  • Quality control from the seeds to storage of the finished product
  • Total traceability (upstream and downstream) through batch numbers


  • Guaranteed microbiological quality
  • GMO-free


  • Can be sprinkled when chilled
  • will keep for 48 months at ≤-18°C or 21 days chilled


  • 48 months from date of production in its sealed original packaging at ≤-18°C
  • 21 days when chilled




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