< Culinary Herb Juices

A Darégal innovation, this is the first range of culinary herb juices – a ready-to-use aromatic base that is free from added flavours, colours and preservatives to add an exquisite touch to your drinks and meals. Darégal’s juices are sold frozen so you can enjoy the same optimal taste and intense colours all year round.



Exceptional raw materials

  • A unique culinary herb savoir-faire
  • Grown outdoors and harvested in their prime
  • Free of added colours, additives, preservatives and without GMOs.


  • “Cold press” technology specially developed by Daregal, adapted for the complexity and fragility of culinary herbs
  • The intense colour and full aromatic profile of fresh herbs
  • Made using only water or apple juice


  • Available in a 10-kg container format
  • A use-by date of two years if frozen at -18°C, or 8 days if refrigerated between 3-6°C once defrosted.
  • New customised and on-demand varieties



This new ready-to-use product is easy to incorporate and measure in a wide range of applications: drinks, ice creams, deli products, prepared dishes, etc.

  • Smoothies, fruit and vegetable-based juices
  • Ganaches
  • Sauces and vinaigrettes
  • Verrine appetizers
  • Soups and creams
  • Ice creams and sorbets