• Newsletter - 02 : The powerful taste of Andalusia Garlic

The powerful taste of Andalusia Garlic

  • May 2015

Andalusia garlic has a fresh taste that is twice as powerful as Chinese garlic! Its intensity and its aromatic richness are the results of very careful plant breeding (after 5 years of tests) and the strategic choices we have made in where to locate our crops.

Spain – Andalusia in particular – is a region that is very good for growing garlic. Spain is Europe’s main garlic producing country – it produces nearly 160,000 t per year.

Darégal has now moved all of its garlic production to Andalusia. It is here that varieties are selected and the land on which the garlic is to be grown is chosen. And it is here that the company’s transformation facilities have been located, guaranteeing a secure and certified supply that is not affected by speculation.

Nowadays, having complete control over this production means that we can guarantee you garlic that will taste fresh and intense and that will remain constant all year round.

Andalusia garlic is available in IQF form, and as an infused oil.