Construction of a new factory

  • September 2016

World leader in culinary herbs, Darégal invest to build a new factory in Milly-la-Forêt (France).

The new factory will be entirely dedicated to liquid ranges and will be able to meet the rising demand from our customers following the success of sauces, marinades, coulis, infused oils and culinary solutions.


Darégal expands following the success of its liquid natural solutions

Liquid culinary solutions are booming. Following the golden era of IQF, the current trend is now focussing on liquid solutions meeting the demand for fresh and natural products from our customers.

Our Squeeze sauces, for instance, are widely praised by snacking experts for their nutritional and affordable aspects. Traditional caterers, on the other hand, enjoy our culinary coulis range, Cool’eaze. The chefs’ paintbrush is the perfect ready-to-use solution for a sophisticated plate presentation.
For over 10 years, dairy industrial experts have endorsed Darégal liquid culinary solutions for their visual aspect, olfactory fresh notes and powerful taste.
Recently, this natural technology inspired Darégal to design the Mix’Seasoning range, created entirely for breadmaking purposes.


A 5 M€ investment to gain global markets 

Proud of its roots, it all began in Milly-la-Forêt, birth place of culinary herbs, where Darégal decided to invest.

Our new workshop will be built inside our main factory, only a stone’s throw away from our research centre.

Equipped with 2 automated production lines and measuring 1.600 m², our new factory will be entirely dedicated to “liquid” products, in order to meet the growing demand from our customers.