• partenariat Enodis et Darégal

The Roof of Flavours by Enodis & Darégal, or when 2 leaders in their own fields bring their expertise together

  • April 2016

The Roof of Flavours is a newly created initiative set up on the patio of Enodis’ new building in Fleury-Mérogis (in the Essonne region, just south of Paris, France) which offers a chromatic and aromatic range of culinary herbs available to all chefs to help them personalise their everyday cooking.

Whilst Darégal is always on the lookout for new herbs and flavours that Mother Nature has to offer, Enodis likes to explore all the possibilities of Green Cooking Technologies in order to restore all the flavours from chefs’ cooking, with a faithful and delicate approach.

With this partnership, Darégal and Enodis prove that quality in the kitchen is paramount when it comes to selecting appropriate equipment, in keeping with what our customers want and always looking for produce nutritionally rich and carefully balanced.

This new cooking technology system, Four Convotherm or Advanced Closed System, developed by Enodis, retains all flavours and cuts out evaporation and dispersal. 

Enodis has chosen to test its equipment with products as fragile and delicate as Darégal’s culinary herbs. They grow in open fields, they are rich in essential oils and contain 100% natural flavours.

The Low Temperature setting combined with the Advanced Closed System allows the ingredients to retain their full organoleptic profile

Delicate flavours and Darégal’s fresh culinary herbs both come to life through chefs’ creativity.

Exploring all the beauty Nature has on offer, creating tomorrow’s cooking, respect, professionalism: this is the commitment Enodis & Darégal have agreed to demonstrate through experiments, training and events throughout 2015.

The roof of flavours is a big success, and many similar projects will fall from the sky to new rooftops in the coming weeks.

Darégal is planning to create a savoury rooftop garden atop the famous gourmet culinary school ‘Ferrandi’ (Paris) and yet another on one of the biggest Carrefour’s in France (Villiers).