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Selected across the world according to a strict specification, the Darégal exotic plants are your raw material. Freezing preserves all the organoleptic qualities of fresh exotic plants, in order to restore LE + Taste: A visual, a taste and exceptional flavours.



  • Distribution of crop areas based on the characteristics of soils and climates.
  • Full traceability  and identification of each lot number


  • Microbiological quality guarantee
  • No GMO
  • Controls of microbiology, pesticide residues, heavy metals, …
  • Bulk index, size, color, essential oils, …
  • Foreign bodies detection, ferrous metals, non-ferrous and stainless steel


  • Optimal flow through IQF
  • Uniformity and consistency in the quality of products
  • Packaging adapted to different modes of operation


  • 48 months in original sealed, stored at ≤ -18 ° C from date of manufacture packaging
  • Easy storage (≤ -18 ° C) and use


  • preserved colors
  • Preserved flavours
  • Authentic texture
  • Evaluation of the aromatic power of each lot
  • Allocation of lots for specific applications


Without defrosting, frozen IQF exotics plants can be incorporated in all culinary preparations:

  • Dishes
  • Gourmet salads
  • Sauces
  • Seasonings

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