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Our culinary solutions are created from our IQF herbs and natural ingredients selected for their taste quality. Ready-to-use, they are incorporated in all preparations to give them a tasty and trendy touch.




  • Colour of the freshly harvested products
  • Taste of the fresh products
  • Natural sensory qualities of the herbs


  • Total traceability (upstream and downstream) through batch numbers


  • Rigorous selection of raw materials
  • Process control
  • Pasteurisation of products when possible
  • Positive release of batches


  • Products will keep for 2 years when stored at ≤ -18 ° C
  • products will keep for up to 12 weeks after defrosting when stored chilled (+3/+8°C)


  • Preserved colors
  • Preserved flavours
  • Authentic texture

A “clean label” approach

  • Reducing the number of “E” declarations to the lowest possible level
  • Mastering frozen-products technology
  • Emphasizing the natural flavour of the aromatic herbs


  • Napolitan (tomato and basil)
  • Pistou (basil, garlic and lemon)
  • Pesto (basil, cheese, garlic and olive oil)
  • Parsley and garlic
  • Gremolata (parlsey, mint, coriander, garlic, orange and lemon zest)
  • Chipotle (tomato, onion and chipotle chilli)
  • Asia (soya sauce, ginger and lime)


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