The Swiss Mint

  • September 2016

The Alpine Mint

Mints are widely influenced by the environment in which they grow, scientists alluding to “Phenotic plasticity”. Swiss Mint illustrates this phenomenon to perfection as it seems to have drawn its original intense freshness from the Swiss alpine pastures.


Heightened sensation

This iced Mint is strongly influenced by its eucalyptus hints and cut grass notes, generating an intensely fresh sensation. A slight bitterness can also be perceived on the palate.



Verbena, the alter ego of Swiss Mint:

The Verbena-Swiss Mint combination is the perfect ally to create refreshing cocktails. Lemongrass hints enhance the tasting experience of Swiss Mint, and produce a freshly acidulous union.


Tasty combinations:

  • Lemon granita with Swiss Mint
  • Iced green lemon with Swiss Mint
  • Swiss Mint White Russian
  • Iced Mojito
  • Swiss Mint coulis
  • Swiss Mint ice cube
  • Swiss Mint syrup
  • Swiss Mint lemonade
  • Verbena Swiss Mint infusion
  • Gin Tonic with Swiss Mint


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